Ben & George with Jenny Vuglar

Biodiversity Assessments on Farm

Farm Management Change – With Descriptor

About the project

Living Water identified a gap in traditional farm management plans relating to biodiversity protection, enhancement and management. This project piloted the effectiveness of completing specialist biodiversity assessments for farms as a way of increasing on-farm biodiversity protection and enhancement activities. A financial contribution was provided to farmers to assist with implementing prioritised activities.

DOC developed the biodiversity assessment approach, which was trialled and refined before being implemented by contract ecologists on 17 North Island farms and six South Island farms.

Tim, George, Jenny, Ben
Fenced forest on Vuglar farm


  • Provides clear, customised information, methodology and priorities for farmers


  • 21 biodiversity assessments completed in 2016 and 2017
  • Fonterra has taken the lessons learnt from this pilot and incorporated them into the development of FEP templates

23 Farm Biodiversity Assessments

Completed in 2016 and 2017

Progress: 100%

Vuglar farm

On farm biodiversity case study