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Farm Impact Reduction

Research & Monitoring – With Descriptor

About the project

We are working with the University of Canterbury CAREX team and farmers to identify the major sources of contaminants (sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus) entering waterways in the catchment and trialling 'edge of field' and other tools to treat, and prevent contaminants entering waterways. This builds on previous work we did with AgResearch, NIWA and Canterbury University in 2017. Through the CAREX catchment wide monitoring work, priority actions can then be identified, implemented in the right place and monitored. Case studies and costings will then be developed to share with others.

WATCH: Our video with CAREX about sediment traps, a simple and effective tool to capture excessive sedimentation.

Robin Smith

Robin Smith

DOC Site Lead, Ararira-LII
Libby Sutherland

Libby Sutherland

Fonterra Sustainable Dairying Advisor
Katie and Catherine in the stream


  • Landowners are involved and understand what what tools are available and how they work
  • Prioritised actions for reducing nutrient and sediment loads entering Ararira-LII River and Te Waihora
  • Improved freshwater ecosystems


  • Initial prioritisation and implementation of on-farms actions carried out in 2017
  • Baseline monitoring for the catchment and of earlier trials started in 2018
  • CAREX and the team assessing priority actions for implementation in 2019

What's next

  • Monitoring tool effectiveness
  • Planning priority actions on farm to achieve catchment outcomes
  • Implementing actions
  • Case study to be written
Libby looking at map of farm
Cows near water