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Coastal Wildlife Habitat Restoration

Planting – With Descriptor

About the project

The Pūkorokoro-Miranda catchment flows into an internationally significant 8,500 hectare coastal wetland that is protected under the Ramsar Convention. Coastal reserve land in the catchment forms an important part of the shorebird habitat. Living Water is supporting the on-going restoration and management of this land through predator control, plant pest control (including fennel management trials), revegetation planting, a review of grazing concessions and formalising land retirement / management options.



  • Improved habitats and increase in birdlife


  • Predator control, weed control and restoration activities have been underway since 2013
  • Long-term land management options currently under development

News updates

  • Vlog of area damaged by floods and new boardwalk rebuilt June 2018

Among our aims as a trust is to promote awareness of coastal ecologies and to advocate for shorebirds and their habitats. Anything that’s going to help us do that is great for us. Living Water has provided in various ways, they’ve assisted us in doing what we do and allowed us to do things better.