Rangipo reserve

Mountains to Sea Project

Waterways – With Descriptor

About the project

The Pūkorokoro-Miranda catchment is a significant biodiversity area that includes an internationally protected wetland. Working with landowners, Living Water is co-designing a freshwater biodiversity corridor through farmland (from ‘mountains to sea’) as a way of increasing ecological resilience in the catchment and reducing sediment run-off in the coastal wetland.

Next year there’s 20,000 seedlings that we’ll be planting on those pockets and hopefully in the future as we go forward that will continue.

John Walter


  • Reduced sediment run-off
  • Improved freshwater ecosystems
  • Increased community connection to the internationally protected coastal wetland
Tim opening gate to Rangipo


  • A ‘Catchment Condition Survey’  to help understand the current ecological state of the freshwater network has been completed
  • Exact locations of fenced and planted waterways and barriers to fish passage have been identified
  • Opportunities to make significant freshwater biodiversity connections throughout the catchment have been identified
  • Priority areas for freshwater biodiversity enhancement being identified
  • Baseline water quality information is being gathered and improvement targets investigated

What we’re trying to create here is an ecological corridor. Presently, there’s existing native bush parcels running back up into the mountains and what we’re trying to do is connect those pieces together so that native flora and fauna can actually use those corridors to go to the sea and back up to the mountains.

John Walter
John Walter with plants at Te Whangai Trust nursery