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Trialling tools and solutions

Research & Monitoring – With Descriptor

Living Water wants better outcomes for the environment, the economy and New Zealanders – this means finding solutions for healthy freshwater ecosystems and sustainable dairying to thrive side by side.

We’re focused on trialling solutions that can be taken to scale and that will create real change - it’s why DOC and Fonterra are working together and is the purpose of our work. This includes physical tools that are designed to fulfil a particular action for freshwater improvement in the landscape, as well as approaches, processes, ways of working or system changes that move us towards more sustainable dairying and healthier freshwater ecosystems.

As we gather results, we’ll see which solutions can be scaled across catchments or regions, how that might be done (what support and capacity does the farming sector and communities need to get there), and how much it might cost.

Farm scale tools

Catchment scale tools

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