Located on the Firth of Thames/Tīkapa Moana, the PŪkorokoro/Miranda catchment flows into an internationally significant 8,500 hectares coastal wetland that is protected under the Ramsar Convention. This catchment is also one of New Zealand’s most important coastal ecosystems – giving the Living Water partnership many opportunities to help improve biodiversity. 

  • It is home to around 40 different migratory birds, including red knots and bar tailed godwits that fly from Pūkorokoro/Miranda to Siberia or Alaska respectively and back every year.
  • It features one of the world’s finest examples of a rare coastal landform – a Chenier plain consisting of a series of ridges made up of marine shells.
  • The coastal strip, east of the main road, from the Pūkorokoro Miranda Stream mouth to Kaiaua settlement, has the highest potential for biodiversity enhancement in the catchment.
  • Migratory shorebirds rely on the resting and refuelling areas in this catchment and further along their migratory routes (flyways) to their Arctic breeding grounds.