our partners in the pŪkorokoro/miranda catchment


Fonterra farmers: There are 10 Fonterra farmers in the catchment, and six of these farms are adjacent to the shorebird habitat area.

Their individual and collective contributions are vital to the success of our programme.

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Ngāti Pāoa: Has mana whenua over this area and we are developing projects with them to ensure Mātauranga Māori is incorporated into our work.


Pūkorokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust: Have been carrying out local shorebird conservation projects for many years. They are leading partners in the East Asian Australasian Flyway Network project, which seeks to encourage countries to actively protect wetlands and estuaries critical to the survival of migratory birds including Pūkorokoro/Miranda.   


Hauraki District Council: Responsible for land use management and currently leading the development of the Hauraki Rail Trail that will pass through the area, bringing many visitors, economic development, environmental impact challenges, as well as positive opportunities. 

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Waikato Regional Council: Is responsible for water quality and land use. We rely on their expert advice on catchment management and will collaborate on water quality monitoring design and implementation.


EcoQuest: Locally based NGO that brings international university students to the area. They have carried out many environmental projects and studies already and can provide volunteer and field studies resources to our projects. 

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Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari:  An initiative created for the development of a marine spatial plan for the Firth of Thames/Tīikapa Moana involving a wide range of NGOs, iwi, community groups and local and central government agencies.