Fonterra and the Department of Conservation (DOC) have a common interest in protecting New Zealand's waterways. We recognise that quality water from healthy ecosystems underpins New Zealand's environmental health, community well-being and economic prosperity.

Living Water is our ten year $20 million partnership programme focused on improving biodiversity and water quality at five significant catchments where intensive dairying exists.

Our initiative marks the start of a new determination to work together, engaging with local communities to make a real difference for their waterways.  

By combining DOC's conservation expertise together with Fonterra's responsible dairying  programme and support this long-term commitment will deliver tangible benefits to our communities, and all of New Zealand, now and for generations to come.

To start with, we’ve focused on five sensitive water catchments across New Zealand.  We are working with farmers, iwi/hapu, community groups and key stakeholders on projects, including pest and weed control and riparian restoration that benefit freshwater and coastal environments and show sustainable dairying can be part of healthy functioning ecosystems. 

Click here to download our programme brochure.