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Planting Biodiversity Corridors

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About the project

Reconnecting fragmented wetlands through riparian planting  was identified as a way to enhance ecological function in the Waituna catchment.

Living Water partnered with two keen landowners and the Waituna Landcare community group to accelerate large scale planting of  riparian margins between fragmented wetlands – and patches of native forest – on the Inverlac and Milkpower Fonterra farms.

Members of the community engaged in the planting of some 700 trees included landowners, school children, and staff from DOC, Environment Southland, and Fonterra.


  • Increased shading of streams reduces macrophyte growth and in time, helps reduce the need for mechanical drain clearing Provides habitat for insects which drop into the stream and become an important food source for fish, especially giant kokopu
  • Riparian plantings can act as biodiversity corridors and provide habitat connection for many wetland species, including birds. Filtering of overland flow, reducing sediment and ecoli loads to streams
  • Helps stabilise stream banks, reducing erosion
  • Community engagement creates buy-in and ownership of any ongoing maintenance needed beyond the project timeframe
Nicki Atkinson

Nicki Atkinson

Freshwater Science Lead and Freshwater Technical Advisor, Waituna
Cain Duncan

Cain Duncan

Fonterra Sustainable Dairying Advisor, Waituna
John McCarroll

John McCarroll

DOC Operations Manager

Waituna Landcare Community Group



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